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Apply for a short period

Programmes : ERASMUS +, B.C.I, O.F.A.J.

The contact person in our school is:

Scolarité et Vie Etudiante
t. +33 2 40 35 90 33
f. +33 2 40 35 90 69

Study period 2017- 2018

It concerns the students who want to study in our school within the framework of one of the 11 programmes listed below:

  1. ERASMUS +,
  2. B.C.I (Bureau de Coopération Interuniversitaire),
  3. O.F.A.J/DAAD,
  4. Cooperation agreement with the « Concordia university », MONTREAL (Quebec/Canada)
  5. Agreement with "Fundacion Universidad de Bogota Jorge Tadeo Lozano", COLOMBIE
  6. Agreement with "Escuela Nacional de pinture, escultura y grabado la Esmeralda", Mexico, MEXIQUE
  7. Cooperation agreement with the « TOKYO University of the Arts - Gedai », JAPON
  8. Cooperation agreement with the « Korean University of Arts - SEOUL », COREE
  9. Cooperation agreement with the "Hongik university - SEOUL", COREE
  10. Cooperation agreement with the « Central Academy of Fine Arts of BEIJING/PEKIN », CHINE
  11. Collaborative Academic Agreement with "Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design of JERUSALEM", ISRAEL

You must submit your application online and upload the 4 documents below 

  • The application form entirely filled up and signed (compulsory),
  • A letter of motivation of at least 1 page A4, use the layout which suits you best, but try to keep to the following headings: Project title - Project aim(s) – Intended project content – Stages intended for the project – Intended means of the project and Justification of the choice of our school, linked to the project
  • A Curriculum Vitae,
  • A portfolio in which you present 15 examples maximum of your artistic work (no CDRom, no DVD, no BLOG)


1st semestre 2016/2017 : 13th of September to 16th of December 2016 (1 week orientation period (courses registration,…) from 13 to 16 September + 12 weeks classes + 1 week assesments from 12 to 16 December).

Christmas vacations : 19th to 30th of December 2016.


2nd semester 2016/2017 : 2nd of January to 7th of April 2017 (12 weeks classes + 1 week assesments).

Winter vacations : 13th to 17th of February 2017



The CPSVE (Pedagogical and Scientific Committee of the Life Student) is in charge of the examination of the applications from foreign students.
There are several CPSVE per a year
Our school must received applications one week before the date of the CPSVE.

Academic year 2017/2018

  • Mobility committee : February 07- Deadline to apply: February 06
  • Next mobility committee : date to be confirmed

Foreign students could be accepted in:

  • L2 (2nd year) during the 1st semester, the second semester or the whole year,
  • M1 (4th year) during the 1st semester, the second semester or the whole year,
  • M2 (5th year) during the 1st semester or the whole year (Foreign students are not allowed to study in our institution during the second semester of the 5th year only).


Catalogue L2

Catalogue M1/M2

From the academic year 2015/2016, for students from the ESBA NANTES Métropole who are enrolled in the third year (L3), changes are as follow:

First semester:

1) Participation to a mobility abroad (Erasmus, OFAJ, BIC, other,…) or

2) Training period (work placement experience for instance) and,

3) Preparation of the final diploma (National Diploma of Fine Arts)

Second semester:

Preparation of the final diploma (National Diploma of Fine Arts)

That means that there are no classes available for foreign students during the L3. In those conditions, the ESBA NANTES Métropole propose to welcome the foreign students, wishing initially to study in the third year (L3), in the second year (L2). The number of ECTS credits students could get during their Erasmus + mobility period still remain the same: 30 ECTS for one semester and 60 ECTS for then whole year.


Please find below the grading system of our institution:

Systeme de notation


French language: Foreign students are asked to have a minimum knowledge in french language and are ideally asked to provide their results of a french language test.


Other informations :

  • Foreign students have the same status as Nantes school of art students,
  • Usually, foreign students are enrolled at our school in the same year as they are enrolled in their home institution,
  • Foreign students pay no registration fees, except for the registration to the library (3 € for 6 months and 6 € for the whole year), for the registration to the French Social Security if the students are non european students and if they are less than 28 years old (215 € in 2016/2017 - have a look to : http://www.smeba.fr/brochure_en/index.html)
  • All classes are given in French, apart from the English class,