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Students at the ESBANM start by learning about personal creativity along with the study of drawing, image/painting, volume and media.
The general knowledge teaching includes the following courses: art history and theory, network creation, networking and collaborating with people involved in the fields of art, and professional English language studies.
The career path students take is individually tailored. The course is built around students' individual artistic projects, intense general knowledge teaching, and the knowledge of artistic contexts. The goal is to emphasise everyone's distinctive skills, talents and individuality, and enable them to become creators open to the contemporary world.
Students may take classes in various media and contemporary screen media, sculpture and sound, drawing to painting and digital imaging. These forays into different forms of expression encourage students' versatility and their long term integration into the world of work within the art and visual art industries.

The DNSEP offers training as a designer within creative industries or as an independent artist. The cross-disciplinary skills acquired during training enable students to develop their skills in the following professions: art, visual arts teaching, the art industry, the graphic arts industry, cultural publicity, art management, art restoration, decoration, theatre direction, museum management, designer-director, multimedia, photography, art criticism, and gallery management.